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  Terms of Entry



  • All site is of an adult nature suitable only for the private enjoyment over the age of 18 (21 in some areas) for whom it is legal to view material of an uncensored nature. Entry for any purpose is considered trespass. By visiting our site you affirm you are legally entitled to view such material as is contained within this site under the laws of your community. You further affirm that you entered freely, solely for your personal enjoyment.
  • Copyright. All items are controled by Erodreams Enterprises.
  • Not real people is used in the creation of any art within this site.
  • Everything contained within this site is fantasy. If you do not understand the difference seek urgent psychiatric help.
  • All items contained within the members area are freely available to download, we do not block your ability to save this items and certainly we do not use anything nasty like DRM to restrict you, however, in return, we trust you to only use the saved files for your personal enjoyment and not share them around. Please do not distribute the content of this site
  • You also swear not make the content of this site available to anyone under the age of 18.
  • The password holder may access the site from any computer may not sell, lend, dstribute, trade or otherwise provide their password to others. Doing so is a breach and may lead you to your future access being denied without compensation. If your password is compromised please contact us for a new one.



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