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The content of this site is dedicated mostly to the admiration of fantastic well-endowed and huge amazon women and the men who love them.

This website features the seductive, kinky, mischievous and romantic side of giantess amazon women who love toying with diminutive and small men.

I created this site founding inspiration in my personal love for muscle, athletic, huge women, so powerful and beautiful at the same time, where just with their presence they can have absolute control over men.

This website is totally fictitious, there is no resemblance with any individuals personal life.

The characters are not real, they were outstanding created using the software "Poser".

This website will mostly feature illustrated stories and situations and it will be regularly updated.

I want to thanks to the forum AmazonLove.org which inspired me a lot in my work and also an special thanks to my friend Ilayhu who helped me to develop this site.

I am open to suggestions, so you can submit your stories and fantasies to my mail below.

And for other 3D artists (Poser, Daz and others) who want to work with us, you can contact Ilayhu in the option "Contact Us".

Thanks everybody and enjoy all your visit!



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